Reporting damage

Damage is very unpleasant when it concerns either a traffic accident, a burglary at home or theft of your luggage. At that moment you need adequate assistance. Therefore, at, you are well insured. Because you can expect rapid assistance from us, also in the event of damage.

In case you incurred damage, the insurance conditions determine that you are obliged to report the damage as soon as possible. To make this as easy as possible, you can report the damage either in writing or by telephone.

In writing:

Download the claim form here and print the form.
Send the completed and signed form to:
PB 80557
1070 Anderlecht

Or e-mail the form to:

By telephone:

You can personally report the damage between 09:00 a 17:30,
on telephone number: 078484800

You are not able to report the damage right away? No problem, it can be done within 72 hours.


Please ensure you have the following information available:
  • Your policy number
  • Date of damage
  • The cause of the damage, if known
  • The amount of the damage, if known
  • Details of the other party, if applicable
Guidance in case of damage:

In Belgium we observe Belgium law and to avoid any problems with the damage settlement, we provided some tips below.

  • Fill out the accident form on the spot, together with the other party. Please remember to sign the form! We have experienced that if forms are filled out later, statements are twisted by the other party (in which case they lie). This will make it more complicated and sometimes even impossible to recover any damage, incurred by you, from the other party.
  • Please remember to also fill out the back of the form. You can do this at home. Subsequently, you can send the claim form to us.
  • Are you aware of someone who has witnessed the accident, please ask for their name and phone number. Possibly, this person can act as a witness.
  • Take a picture of the situation, the damage to your own vehicle and damage to the other party’s vehicle. This can provide the insurance company with a clearer picture of what has happened.
  • If someone is injured, or in case one of the cars has serious damage or if you collided with a car that has a foreign licence number, call the police! It is not necessary to call the police in case of minor body work damage to either vehicle.

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